» » » EXPLORER 4412 Case Black (Empty)

EXPLORER 4412 Case Black (Empty)


  • Internal dimensions: 17.50”L x 13.56”W x 4.31”D
  • Made of Copolymer Polypropylene compound
  • Waterproof & Shockproof
  • Sand & Dust Proof
  • Resistant to harsh temperatures (-33°C/+90°C)
  • TSA Travel Sentry Approved
  • Available in Black, Olive and Orange
  • Fits Two Full-sized Handguns, Four magazines, Ammo, and Accessories.
  • 100% Guaranteed Forever


EXPLORER 4412 Case Black (Empty)

The EXPLORER 4412 is a briefcase that is great for travel or everyday carry. It can be configured to carry personal belongs, business files and supplies, laptops, tablets, and much more. The 4412 allows the operator to discreetly carry two full-sized handguns as well as magazines, ammo and/or accessories or an SBR and pistol.

This virtually indestructible case features two stainless steel reinforced, padlockable points on the front, easy-to-open jam-free latches, corrosion-proof metal hinges, and a stay-put lid that you can slide off if it gets in the way. The soft grip rubber handle is reinforced with corrosion proof steel pins. There are also counterbalance supports to allow the case to stand upright without tipping over.


External dimensions:   18.69”x16.31”x5.88”
Internal dimensions:   17.50”x13.56”x4.31”
Weight:           7.49 lbs.
Waterproof, Sand & Dust proof, Shockproof and Crushproof
Designed for Military use
Padlockable – two points
Soft Grip rubber handle
Optional shoulder strap available
Optional Snug-Fit locks are available
TSA Travel Sentry approved
100% Guaranteed Forever!

Additional information

Weight 7.49 lbs
Dimensions 18.69 × 16.31 × 5.88 in